Demo Richmar TheraTouch LX2, 1040mw Class 3B Laser

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Richmar® TheraTouch® LX2 Laser

Richmar’s TheraTouch LX2 simplifies laser therapy with a menu-driven touch screen interface that includes research-based clinical protocols to treat common acute and chronic conditions. An integrated dosage calculator uses multiple units of measure to display energy output based on the set treatment time. The LX2 comes standard with a 9-diode laser applicator, with a single-diode applicator available as an additional accessory.


• Delivers Up to 35 J/cm2 in a Single Treatment
• Dosage Reading Automatically Calculates and Displays Output in Joules, J/cm2, and Joules Per Diode
• Programmable Treatment Time Up to 4 Minutes
• Continuous or Pulsed Output Modes
• 2 Output Channels
• 10 Predefined Clinical Protocols
• Save Up to 100 User-Defined Protocols
• Available with Therapy Cart


  • Power supply: 100-240V, 50/60Hz
  • Maximum absorbed power: 60W
  • Programmable treatment time: Up to 4 minutes
  • Mode of operation: Continuous or pulsed
  • Emission frequency: 1Hz-10000Hz
  • Output channels: 2
  • Laser classification: 3B

Multiple Diode Applicator (Standard)

  • Applicator: 9 Diode Cluster Laser 1040 mW
  • Diode Specifications: Four 650 nm (10 mW) LED, Five 850 nm (200 mW) Laser
  • Maximum Power: 1040mW±20%

Single Diode Applicator (Optional)

  • Diode Specifications: 650nm
  • Maximum Power: 200mW±20%

(Optional Cart available for LX2)